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Dimensions Analysis Company Background



Dimensions Analysis is..


Our Mission:

To provide our customers with innovative solutions to meet their business objectives today and beyond.  By combining experience, imagination, strategic alliances and emerging technologies, Dimensions Analysis enhances the development of information systems across the health care continuum.

Our Principles:

·        Utilize Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Platform

        Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Internet Explorer

·        Remain “Vendor Neutral” for health data sources and “Information Presentation”.

·        Maximize “enhanced visual” information tools.

·        Integrate other vendor solution data

        Longitudinal patient record.

        Consolidated financial systems.

·        Capitalize on health organization’s existing skill sets and comfort levels

         SQL, Office, Internet Explorer

·        Provide Cost-Effective and scalable solutions and services.


Our Curriculum Vitae:

·        St. Catharines, Ontario-based company since 2005

·        Focused on developing Business Intelligence models for Hospital Information Systems.

·        Experience since 1992 with MEDITECH MAGIC & Client Server environments.

·        Experience since 1995 with MEDITECH-based Data Repositories & extract tools

·        Experience since 1999 with OLAP technologies.

·        Experience with other vendor solutions (MSM/Picis, GRASP, GEAC, Interface People, etc.)

·        Clients served from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and South Africa.


            Our Consulting Services:

·     Expertise in data management and infrastructure design.

·     Focused on vendor-neutral data consolidation and presentation.

·     Expertise in Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform systems.

·     Integrate patient and financial data to provide knowledge for analysis and research.

·     Provide training and support for Microsoft SQL Server-based applications..


            Our Solutions:

·        Model and utilize data extracted from legacy systems to provide information for knowledge consumers designed on the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform.

·        Consolidate patient, department, facility, regional and LHIN information from vertical operational data.

·        Provide or design vendor neutral presentation Layer “Single Look & Feel” solutions with Industry-Standard tools.

·        Powerful patient and department-centric Analysis Services data manipulation.

·        Web-based Digital Dashboard solutions

·        Business Metrics design

·        Data Warehouse Enterprise modeling

·        Information Management and Data Warehouse consulting


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